Monday, January 24, 2011

Normal Monday morning, turned interesting with a surprise

This morning started out as normal, nothing much going on.  Then my daughter called at 7:15am and said that Keeley was still sick and running fever, could she stay with us? (us being my hubby and me--he's off recouping from gall bladder surgery) .  No problem with Keeley staying, she is such a good little girl and we love her so very much. 

After we have breakfast and get dressed, I make a dash to Wal-Mart because I have no children's tylenol nor any other "things" that I think Keeley will need today.  After I come back, I asked her if she wanted to make some valentines and she said yes.  I gave her some paper, glue and glitter glue and she got busy.  I checked my email and guess what??  There was an email from The BuyBytes saying I had won the blog hop random draw and would receive the Sweethearts Cricut Cartridge!!!  I was so excited to hear from Pam that I won!  Yay!  She also said she checked out my blog and liked my "creations" and I thank her for that. 

I also saw where she became a "follower", which was totally unexpected.  Then I noticed I also have another follower!  Wow!, I now have 2 followers!

Getting the email from Pam, made my normal Monday not so normal after all.

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