Thursday, February 24, 2011

Circle Blog Weekly Challenge #21--Animal Magnetism Challenge

This is my entry for the Circle Blog Weekly Challenge, I used the Just Because Cards Cartridge for all the cuts and Peachy Keen stamp for the smiling face of the sun.  For this challenge your project must include something related to an animal. You can create your project for or about an animal, include an animal cut, use animal print, etc. Project must also contain atleast 2 Cricut image cuts to qualify.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Circle Blog Weekly Challenge #20--Love Notes Challenge

This week's challenge was to create a special note for someone you adore that included a heart and embossing and use two Cricut cuts.  This is my card for my sweetheart:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Circle Magazine Challenge Feb11 My Sweet Valentine Contest

I re-purposed a nuts can and made a Valentine Candy container.  I made a flowerette for the top and covered the side with pretty paper and filled it with Hershey Kisses.  This will be a Valentine's Day gift for my cousin, she loves Hershey Kisses!

The contest was to create a fun Valentine's Day Project use at least four Cricut cuts and include something edible in the design.  My four cuts were:
1.  Lid--Scalloped Circle--Easter2010.
2.  Top of Lid--Music Note--Hannah Montana.
3.  Side--Hearts--George & Basic Shapes.
4.  Side--Sentiment "You make my heart sing"--Wild Card.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Circle Blog Weekly Challenge #19--Whatevah! Challenge

 This week the cirlce blog challenge was Whatevah!.  I made this layout about fishing.
We had to use whatever we wanted, but we had to repeat something at least 3 times and we had to use spray ink.  My three repeats are the little fish and I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist on them to make them shiny.

This is the challenge post from the circle blog:
Weekly Challenge #19: Whatevah! Challenge
“Whatevah!” is a phrase a lot of parents of teens hear around their house on daily basis. We thought we’d take that phrase to heart for this next challenge. What we’d like you to do is use WHATEVAH shape you would like, but be sure to repeat it three times on your project. Project must also include spray ink and must be newly created for this challenge

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice, Snow, Ice and now more Snow

It's hard to believe that we are having snow again this year.  We hardly ever get snow and as of today, we have gotten 4 inches of the light and powdery stuff.  It started Monday, 1-31-11, night with sleet and ice.  By Tuesday morning, we were iced in.  Then snow over the sleet and then more sleet and no warm weather...nothing above 22 for three school for three days...and then late last night and early this morning we get 4 inches of snow, so once again no school.  It's supposed to freeze over again tonight, but hopefully it's supposed to get above freezing tomorrow.

Keeley has been with me since Monday night because the driving has been so bad.  Since she didn't have to go to school, her mom left her with us so she wouldn't have to get out.  It's been fun having her here, we have gotten to play tea party, read to each other, practice math and spelling and we've gotten to make some wonderful valentines.  She's learning to use my little Cricut (the baby bug) and is having a grand time.  We normally don't use the little bug, we normally just use scissors and punches to make her valentines, but this year I decided she could learn how to use it and be on her own.  Eventually she'll get the hang of it and I won't have to be by her side while she "creates".  She loves to make all sorts of things and she's very good at it.  Since today is Friday, she won't have school tomorrow and will go home tonight.  She misses her mom and is looking forward to going home to play with all of her toys and dolls...she says they are sure to be missing her.

The snow is very pretty, but I wish it didn't freeze and make ice like it does.  I no longer have to get out and drive in it, but my poor hubby works at a company that doesn't believe in shutting it's doors for anything.  He just got over gallbladder surgery and his first day back at work was on 1-31, when all the ice started coming in that night.  He has gotten up every morning since Tuesday and left the house at 3 or 3:30 in the morning so he could make it to work without so many people on the roads to get in the way.  His normal work time is 5:00am.

Well, I hope tomorrow will bring warmer weather so that it will melt this stuff!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Circle Blog Weekly Challenge #18--Back to the Basics Challenge

This is my entry for the Circle Blog challenge #18 Back to the Basics--Valentine Gift Bag:
The challenge instructions were to use ONLY the cartridge that came with your machine or Gypsy and you MUST use THREE cuts on your project.  My original Cricut came with the George Cartridge.  I used Five cuts--they were:  1.) The phrase "I (heart) You";  2.) The sign post; 3.) The Heart that I welded together to make the top and bottom borders; 4.) The gift tag; and 5.) The Triangle Shadow to make the Hershey Kisses.