Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice, Snow, Ice and now more Snow

It's hard to believe that we are having snow again this year.  We hardly ever get snow and as of today, we have gotten 4 inches of the light and powdery stuff.  It started Monday, 1-31-11, night with sleet and ice.  By Tuesday morning, we were iced in.  Then snow over the sleet and then more sleet and no warm weather...nothing above 22 for three school for three days...and then late last night and early this morning we get 4 inches of snow, so once again no school.  It's supposed to freeze over again tonight, but hopefully it's supposed to get above freezing tomorrow.

Keeley has been with me since Monday night because the driving has been so bad.  Since she didn't have to go to school, her mom left her with us so she wouldn't have to get out.  It's been fun having her here, we have gotten to play tea party, read to each other, practice math and spelling and we've gotten to make some wonderful valentines.  She's learning to use my little Cricut (the baby bug) and is having a grand time.  We normally don't use the little bug, we normally just use scissors and punches to make her valentines, but this year I decided she could learn how to use it and be on her own.  Eventually she'll get the hang of it and I won't have to be by her side while she "creates".  She loves to make all sorts of things and she's very good at it.  Since today is Friday, she won't have school tomorrow and will go home tonight.  She misses her mom and is looking forward to going home to play with all of her toys and dolls...she says they are sure to be missing her.

The snow is very pretty, but I wish it didn't freeze and make ice like it does.  I no longer have to get out and drive in it, but my poor hubby works at a company that doesn't believe in shutting it's doors for anything.  He just got over gallbladder surgery and his first day back at work was on 1-31, when all the ice started coming in that night.  He has gotten up every morning since Tuesday and left the house at 3 or 3:30 in the morning so he could make it to work without so many people on the roads to get in the way.  His normal work time is 5:00am.

Well, I hope tomorrow will bring warmer weather so that it will melt this stuff!!!

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