Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet-Up in Houston on 10-23-10

I went to a Cricut Circle meet-up in Houston on Saturday, 10-23-10 and met a bunch of new friends--it was good to put a face to their message board names.  We had a great time.  Michael W. from Provo Craft was there and he brought a lot of door prizes.  I won a brown & pink Cake apron--I would have liked to win something else, but I did win something. 

McKinzy went with me to Houston and he visited Logan on Saturday.  They went fishing, but didn't catch much.  After the meet, I drove down to League City to be with Logan too.  We stayed in Webster at the Econo Lodge and it was very clean and smelled fresh.  Visited with Carrie too, but she had to leave to go to work in Bioluxi, MS last Sunday evening.  While she was still there, we went over to Kemah and had dinner at T-Bone Tom's and it was very good--we'll have to go back again the next time we visit.  I got to go to Archivers scrapbook store--that store has everything!  It reminded me of the Recollections stores that we used to have--I wish they had a store around DFW.  I also went shopping at Tuesday morning while the guys went fishing on Sunday morning and found a laser trimmer--I haven't used it yet, but it looks cool.

There is going to be a Cricut swarm in Dallas on March 18, 19, & 20--yeah!!  I'm so excited.  I talked to Michael about having a meetup for the DFW area--so I'm trying to get enough people interested so that we can have a meet-up before March 2011.  We need 50 or more for Michael or someone from PC to come bearing goodies.  Maybe I'll be able to pull something together.

I'm still having trouble remembering "stuff", my brain is foggy most of the time and if I think too hard I begin to get a headache.  It gets so very frustrating!  I hate being like this!!!

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